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Keys to Starting a Never-Ending Flame in your Fire Pit

Keys to Starting a Never-Ending Flame



The integral piece to an ongoing flame. Whether you’re chopping it down in your backyard or simply picking it up from a local market, wood is paramount to an eternal flame. The best wood for a longer and hotter burn is hardwood, such as maple, oak, ash, and birch. When you pick these hardwoods up make sure you have plenty for the night to watch the ambers dance in the moonlight.


The base. These are the small pieces of wood that burn in little time to start your roaring flame. You can either use little sticks or twigs in your backyard or woodchips fresh from the market.


The newspaper is what will spread the flame so that every inch of your wood is burning. You’ll want to put it under the base of the fire and wad it up so that it stays centered and doesn’t burn too quickly.


Lastly, the GRATE. This is the final solution to ensuring you keep that never-ending flame. The grate will hold your wood in a conical formation so that the fire receives constant air flow from all sides. While not all fires come equipped with a grate, the memorable ones do.

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