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Bananas Foster Over the Fire Pit Grill

Bananas Foster gets a rustic twist as we prepare it over the fire pit grill, infusing every bite with smoky goodness. With just a few simple ingredients and a skillet, you can elevate your outdoor gatherings with this indulgent treat. Let’s dive into the magic of bananas foster under the open sky.

Ripe bananas
Light brown sugar
Dark rum
Vanilla ice cream
Toasted chopped pecans (optional, for topping)

Start by setting up your fire pit grill and getting the flames going. You want a steady, medium-high heat to cook the bananas foster.

Place a cast-iron skillet directly over the flames to preheat. This will ensure even cooking and caramelization.

While the skillet heats up, peel the bananas and slice them lengthwise. Aim for thick slices to hold up to the heat of the grill.


In the preheated skillet, melt a generous amount of butter. Once melted, sprinkle in the light brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Stir until the sugar begins to dissolve and the mixture becomes fragrant.

Place the banana slices onto the skillet, arranging them in a single layer. Let them cook for a couple of minutes until they start to caramelize and soften.

Here comes the exciting part! Pour a splash of dark rum over the bananas. Be cautious as you do this, as it may cause flames to flare up. Allow the flames to burn off, leaving behind a rich, boozy flavor.

Once the flames subside, remove the skillet from the grill. Scoop generous portions of vanilla ice cream into serving bowls. Top each scoop with a spoonful of the warm bananas foster mixture, making sure to drizzle plenty of the sauce over the ice cream.

For an extra crunch and nutty flavor, sprinkle toasted pecans over the bananas foster. The contrast of textures will take this dessert to the next level.

Bananas foster over the fire pit grill is more than just a dessert; it’s an experience. With the simple combination of ripe bananas, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and a splash of rum, you can create a masterpiece that will have everyone asking for seconds. So, next time you’re gathered around the fire pit, why not add a touch of sweetness to the flames? It’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser that will leave everyone wanting more.


Cheers to fireside feasting!

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