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Peepery at Easter

Every child loves to get Peeps at Easter. For those of you who are not familiar with these marshmellow goodies – Peeps are a combination of sugar, gelatin and air, that is shaped into brightly colored bunnies and chicks. Peeps are made at the Just Born Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pa. Approximately 5 million Peeps products are popped out a day, and every year, enough Peeps candies are manufactured to circle the earth twice.
Peep S’mores are SO easy. How much fun for your children and friends to spear these little guys and roast them over a fire pit. Peep S’mores come together in minutes. Just arrange a tray with graham crackers, chocolate bars, skewers and peeps. Let the children skewer a peep and roast it over the fire pit until it is a little browned, then smoosh it between with two graham crackers and chocolate Presto! A simple, delicious Easter treat that the kids love!

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