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A Backyard Spotify Concert

If you’re anything like us then you love listening to music, especially live music. Music sets the mood and can bring out old memories. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many music events/concerts have been canceled, which has also crushed the spirit that road trips and festivals bring to life. We suggest you take it back with a music concert in the backyard. There are many ways of doing so and I’ll explain how in the following paragraph.


First, if you have any musically gifted friends in the area, you should invite them over as well as music loving friends. Tell your friends to bring lawn chairs, set the stage for the band, and have plenty of refreshments as well as appetizers. Set the lawn chairs in a U-shape around the fire pit so they have both the visual appeal of the fire and the audio appeal of the music. A second suggestion, for those without musically talented friends, is to have a Spotify music concert. Hopefully, you have a speaker system or a Bluetooth speaker, if not ask one of your friends to bring theirs! Then, invite everyone to select 7 songs to add to a collaborative Spotify playlist. Name the playlist whatever you’d like and if your friends don’t have Spotify tell them to text you what songs they’d like so you can add them yourself. Similar to the first point, have everyone bring chairs, set the fire pit in the center of the chairs, and have plenty of refreshments/apps for the concert.


Have an outing that friends and family won’t forget and utilize that backyard to its full potential!


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