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The Season of Renewal

Spring is the season for renewals. And for many Americans, much of that focus is on our landscaping! It’s the time to plant new flowers, replace shrubbery, apply new mulch or pine straw. We invest so much time and effort because our yards are not only an extended living space, but also an expression of ourselves.


Whether you lean toward a more naturalistic or formal garden there’s one thing they all have in common- a focal point. What we love about Seasons Fire Pits is that focal point also becomes a gathering space. You’re not just adding beauty to your yard, you’re also creating new opportunities for memories and shared experiences.


To design your backyard oasis, start with the ground floor. In our experience flagstone or slate has tremendous opportunities; it looks gorgeous with grass, pine straw or mulch or even other grey or black stones. Additionally, we’ve seen pea gravel make a wonderful addition, adding depth, warmth and texture. Either serve to anchor the fire pit, much like a rug in a living room.


Once the floor is laid, consider what type of furniture you prefer. Maybe you have some solid timeless pieces, or perhaps you’d like to invest in additional seating for the many outdoor evenings to come. The Seasons Fire Pit with its modern sleek design looks smart with all styles of outdoor furniture, from metal pieces, to wood, or even weaves- with or without cushions. And as time naturally weathers the metal, the resulting patina adds a richness and luster.


Depending on how minimalistic or formal you prefer, pillows, plant urns, small tables, and candles may fill in the space around your fire pit. The pop of color from a pillow can change your environment seasonally. Plants can help add a bit privacy to your garden- providing a sense of intimacy. Ferns are an easy addition, and the green compliments the stone and metals, but we love to see a pop of color from seasonal flowers as well.  Soon white and blue hydrangeas will provide ample blossoms to toss in vases when needed.


The opportunities are limitless. Start with the floor and the fire pit, and the rest can easily evolve.

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