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Seven Steps to Reclaim Your Yard after a Hard Freeze

Spring is officially here! The last of the surprise frosts are behind us, and we’re beginning to see the arrival of fresh green buds. If you are like many of us in the southeast, the lower than usual temperatures this January damaged much of your landscaping. Around the south we’ve seen a loss of many of our favorite ornamental plants such as, the Sweet Olive, Wax Ligustrum, Asiatic Jasmine, and many more.

There’s a chance many of these plants are not a total loss and will recover if you take the right steps now. Stick to these 7 tips for the best outcomes.


  1. Use the Tug test: Give your plant a tug; if it hasn’t been compromised the roots will hold.
  2. Cut until you see green: Find all the brown leafless branches and keep cutting back until you see green in the stem.
  3. Apply Fungicide: Treat everything with fungicide as you prune and clip. Your plants are vulnerable to infection right now.
  4. Clear the space: Remove any dead limbs or debris. This will reduce the spread of fungal infections. Furthermore, remove anything gooey or rotten to also prevent fungal spread.
  5. Add Fertilizer: Choose the correct fertilizer and apply accordingly to ensure your plant has the nutrients it needs for the best growth outcomes this season.
  6. Water Regularly: You don’t want your plants to also battle a drought during this critical recovery phase.
  7. Be Patient: It takes time. You’ve taken the proper steps; your plants will recover.


Once you’ve completed the necessary steps to reclaim your yard, you can consider where you might need to replace plants or add variety.


The final step: reward yourself for all that diligence and hard work! Gather around your Seasons Fire Pit and bathe in the warmth of the fire while you have a cold drink and admire your handiwork.

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