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Charcuterie Boards and Seasons Fire Pits Save The Day

Let’s set the stage: You just found out company is dropping by in 30 minutes. This leaves you in a crunch to throw together the perfect entertainment and setting. One of our favorite things about a firepit from Seasons Firepits is how quickly it can transform a gathering into a welcoming spot to linger and create great memories with friends. When company drops by, head outside to enjoy a savory Charcuterie board, easily setting the stage using our firepit lid. Charcuterie boards have become increasingly more popular. Their versatility and attractiveness explain its appeal. Here’s a list of go-to items that store well and the formula to make the magic happen!


  1. Platter

One or two platters including but not limited to: a wooden board, nice cutting board, slate, or marble slab


  1. Cheese

Pick a variety of cheeses

Firm: Manchego and Gruyere

Aged: Cheddar and Gouda

Soft: Brie, Chevre, and Havarti

Blue: Gorgonzola and Stilton


  1. Bread and Crackers

Pick an assortment that matches each chosen cheese

Sliced baguette


Table Water crackers


  1. Meat

Often seasoned with smoke, liquor, wine or other seasonings, read the labels to find a variety of flavors!




  1. Nuts

For a twist of flavor– Bourbon candied pecans/ toasted coconut almonds

Candied pecans or walnuts




Macadamia nuts


  1. Sweet

This pop of color and sweet flavor brightens any board!

Pick your fruit options and sprinkle or place sporadically around spread




Sliced Pear

Sliced Pomegranate

Dried Apricots

Dried Cranberries

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Shaved Chocolate


  1. Other

Place these in small bowls around the spread!

Honey and cream cheese mixture

Fig jam

Red pepper Jelly

Sun dried tomatoes



Pickled Okra

Antipasto Salad


Pro tips:

Add rosemary on top of a cheese for a pop of color

Use a wine glass rim to shape thinly sliced meat into a flower pattern:

  • Layer meat slices around rim until full
  • Turn glass upside down to reveal flower shape


Remember your Charcuterie board can be as complex or simple as you want! Whether you have 20 items or three, a Charcuterie board is always a great addition and unanimously appreciated!

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